Jetting ?? for 2000 TE-610

Right now I'm running a 62 pilot and 185 main on my 2000 te 610 at 680 ft above sea level. I have a ferraci exhaust system .Overall it runs pretty good but seems to lag a bit at the top(probably b/c being old) but I'm pretty satisfied and it still screams the beginning 2/3 of rpm. I'm going on a trip to 5000-6000 ft above sea level and need to know what jets to use. I only have a spare main 172 and 178. Any suggestions? Can I leave the pilot at 62 with the bike operate ok. Should I change the main to a 172 or 178. I'm Clueless about carbs???

my main is 172 and it's pretty okay on top, I'm at sea level. maybe you should try the 178 you have and see how that does, maybe the 172 after that. after all, you're not at sea level.

If I were you, I'd get the pilot screw dialed in as best it can be with the 62 pilot, should be fine. Afterward, I'd try using the 178, ride, take notes, then use the 172, ride, take notes, then pick the best of the three main jets you have. :worthy:

When changing jetting, make sure you spend a sufficient amount of time running the engine in the range you're making adjustments to :banghead:

I'd love to hear how it turns out :lol:


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