USD Forks for XR650

Hello All...

I'm new to thumper talk... but I'm digging it so far! I recently picked up a 2002 XR650R. It's in really good mechanical shape... just needs some plastic and cosmetic work. I have a question... I'm a big dude... over 6 feet and nearly 300 lbs. in gear... I'm thinking about changing the stock front forks for a pair of USD Showa forks. I've found a pair on Ebay for several hundred bucks... They are 54mm take offs from a 2006 CRF450R... I'm wondering if anyone knows if these will work (given a new set of triple clamps) on my XR650R... Or... do you think spending some $ on the stock forks is the better way to go... can I send them off to someone and get back a stronger set with better valving for a big rider... Does anyone have any insight...



Theres mutiple threads on it scattered throughout the forum

Do a search on it and you shuold find everything you need

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