Ouch xr 600 question and medical?

Got hit by a car last nite testing my 600. thats not the issue i got a parts bike with a straight rim,Ive been trying to figure out why at full throttle it acts like the kill switch is being pushed intermently. Tried main jets from 155 to 175 but didnt have any effect.switched stator removed air cleaner and pulled out the inline fuel filter to increase flow. it feels electrical but alredy traded out the coil and cdi. now what?its got a 660 kit stock cam and super trap with open tip.o yeah shoud i get my knee x rayed an wrist hasent stoped throbing eitherPicture119.jpgPicture125.jpgPicture121.jpg

Oh man, got to watch out for those cars. Ouch! Hope your aren't hurt more than the cuts and bruises.

... shoud i get my knee x rayed an wrist hasent stoped throbing either

Man you are so fortunate. if it was their fault I'd get it all checked out, but if you have to pay for it yourself it may not be necessary.

If your knee is stable and doesn't have any extra side to side or front to back play I'd watch it for 3-5 days as well as rest it and wrap it...if after 3-5 days the pain remains the same or gets worse...you can get it x-rayed. Make sure your leg below doesn't turn pale or swell below the injury, and note any numbness or tingling sensations.

With the wrist. give it the same amount of time unless you see a deformity, have numbness in any of your figertips or your hand or can palpate a specific point of pain. You can watch it. BUT if you need any pain meds for either ...you'll have to get them examined first and rightly so.

If you have any concern seek appropriate/real medical care. :lol:

glad you're okay.... +1 on goin to the doc, go ASAP or the person at fault might say you got injured elsewhere. plus the knowledge of knowing nothing is wrong always puts me at ease.

as for the bike problem... no idea, sorry.


On the medical side, my insurance covers everything 100% for accidental injuries but it has to be diagnosed/cared for within 48 hours of injury so you may want to get it looked at sooner than later in case your insurance has any time limit clause like mine does.

Maybe your stock cam isn't keeping the exhaust valves open enough to evacuate 100% percent and its backing up and dying?

P.S. get checked up just in case.

The cam isn't the problem. Even on a fully built engine, the stock cam will allow it to run just fine. The cam profile would have to be horrendously mismatched to the combo to make it actually run badly.

I had the exact same intermittent miss at high rpm/WOT and I was getting irritated because jetting wouldn't fix it. I then started checking the electrical and right off the bat I found a loose coil wire. It was making contact at lower rpm, but the vibration from high rpm made it rattle and break contact sporadically. I squeezed the connector tight and the missing went away. Your problem may not be the coil wire, but make sure everything involved with your ignition has good contacts, even the kill switch.

I say get your injuries checked by a medical professional. You could end up with long term complications that won't have a chance of being covered by the other party unless you get documentation of the original cause right now. I waited and now I have a torn rotator cuff that is a frequent problem, a questionable wrist, and a knee that may give me trouble down the line. My shoulder will "go out" like a bad back; once it happened tearing a paper towel off the roll, it happened reaching for a seatbelt(more than once), once putting on a t-shirt, and another time getting out of bed. Each time that happens, it takes 2-3 weeks before I can use it normally. It's been back to normal for two days now.....until the next time.

Ditto to all above!! Bummer its your 'kicking' leg too.

As a old fart w/bad knees, my advice is to get them checked!! Good luck w/you & bike

just go see the doc man get you fixed up so you can still be able to ride after you heal up good

Check the doc..

Hey there fellow riders,thanks for all the posts on my first thread! im gonna listen to ya'll and get in to see the doc tonight.the pain has gotten worse, kinda feels like i pulled every muscle in my body.hurts to cough or laugh. Ill go over every electrical connection and im going to search threads on the pulse generator. its the only thing that i havent messed with yet. Anyway thanks for info!

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