07 kx250f spitting oil-rad fluid

Why would this happen? oil to correct level and rad fluid to correct level.This has been a on going problem.

My guess would be blown head gasket. Change it.

Perform a compression or leakdown test. If out of spec or you hear bubbling during the leakdown, may be head gasket. Do you idle for long periods or ride slowly? Mine will puke coolant when on the stand idling for a while. That's normal. You need airflow to cool the rad.

A leak down and compression test would be a good start and answer some questions.A few other things to think about or try if you cant afford or do the test yourself. Bad rings will pressurize the case and cause oil puking.Bad head gasket will spit coolant.Each test will verify if theres something wrong.On a lighter note the 07 is very temperamental to spitting oil standing still or going slow.all so sensitive to too much oil.Are you pulling both drain plugs and dry kicking the bike to get all the oil out?Are you measuring in oil or using the sight glass? Some bikes have a certain level they like to run coolant at(on top of the fins instead of the bottom of the filler neck..Days temperature all so makes a diff or sand does too.Are you over filling? Try a Friends rad cap to see if yours is bad.Some say if your head gasket is bad you should see bubbles in the coolant.Of course do this when your bike is cold.Not sure about this type of prognoses though.good luck:thumbsup:

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