1st gear does not work on a cr80 - thoughts appreciated

I'm thinking of buying a 1984 cr80 for a friend of mine - he's 5'6" and 130lbs and looking for a tiny bike to rip around on.

Below is information from the seller describing a problem with 1st gear - any thoughts on what might be causing this, and what type of repair work I could be looking at?

Thanks for any thoughts/input you can provide!

Hey I have a 1984 cr80 for sale. First gear doesn't work on it, but pulls fine from second. As for why it does not work I am not entirely sure. I took apart the tranny and replaced the main shaft (it has first gear on it) and it seemed to be working fine, and still does when the back tire is off the ground. However when there is load on it, it doesn't work. I'm really not sure what it could be but the gears are all in great shape, no rounding or wear at all. I also have the original countershaft which was good shape too.

I forgot to mention that I replaced the clutch last season. And it has a new air filter.

The only thing it really might need is a new set of tires. They have plenty of grip, they are just starting to crack. It doesn't really need anything though, it is totally ridable the way it is.

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