Help! Carb Problems and Chain Question

I've got a 99' KLR650 I bought used and it seems to have developed a problem in the carb. Normally, I get about 55 MPG but the last tank only got 44 MPG and I've noticed the bike is making everything (me, jacket, tailbag, the surrounding countyside, etc) reek of exhaust fumes. I've checked the carb tubing to make sure it's not clogged and swapped the spark plug about 400 miles ago. Is there something specific to look for as a cause for the lower mileage/dirty exhaust? :lol:

As for the chain: Has anyone heard of "Super Links" chains and are they any good? My KLR has 12,800 miles on the original chain sprockets and is due for replacement. I found these chains for $38 bucks, but wondered if anyone has experience with them. (Good or bad)

Thanks for the help!


Never heard of Super Links chains. Google them and see if you can find any info. Be aware tho, you get what you pay for. A low buck chain may wear/stretch prematurely and that prematurely wears the sprockets that might otherwise have lasted a lot longer with a quality chain.

Still running stock exhaust?

Air filter clean?

Was the new spark plug the proper plug and gapped correctly?

Make sure the bike isn't pissing fuel out the carb vent/overflow, setting still or when going down the road. That would suggest trash in the needle valve or float levels off.

Is your bike using much oil?

That might be the reason everything stinks as unburnt oil will stick to everything and it stinks.


I couldn't find a thing on Superlinks chains on the web. They are part of the discount package for chain/sprockets/chain breaker off

The air filter is clean and I'm having trouble remembering exactly what plug it was but it was the same as the one I took out and was recommended by the Clymer manual and was gapped. I do have the stock exaust and I was going to pull all the 3 bolts out the bottom to "clean" it (per the manual) but the first one I tried snapped off. Too old and corroded I guess. I've hit the other 2 with WD-40 and after they soak awhile I'll try them.

It doesn't seem to burn any oil that I can tell. There's no smoke of any kind and I've owned it for 3000 miles (I've done 2 oil changes) and never had to add any oil.

Thanks Fellas.

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