Scotts underbar mount on '07 KX250

Anyone have the under bar mount stabilizer set up on their KX? I really need a steering stabilizer and I can't decide between the under bar and the normal mount setup. I like the fact that with the under bar setup the stabilizer is under neath the bar and not a sharp obtrusion in the middle of the bars but at the same time I don't want to raise my bars much.

So what I really want to know, is there any fitment issues with either? Any personal opinions on either setup?

I have 2 of the "under the bar" setups from BRP. They actually make the clamps for Scotts. Its a great setup. First, in a crash you dont have to worry as much about smacking your head on the stabilizer. Second, it gives you more room for other stuff such as trail tech computer or GPS. Third, it allowed me to mount the cool faast flex bars. I have 2 kdxs - both with 05/06 KXF 250 front ends and I like the setup so much that I did it for both bikes. BRP makes nice clamps.

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