1997 rmx powervlave F'D up

the little plastic clip broke that holds the arm on, and is somewhere in the motor:foul:

problem is i took it apart and cant get it together, powervalve was hittin the piston. SHIT! does anybody have any pictures of how theres is put together?


Obviously, the power-valves should not touch the piston. They're either installed 180 degrees, or a spacer is missing, or...? If no one responds with pictures before this evening, I'll scan the diagram in the owners/service manual and post it later when I get home. A.J.

All of the pieces are most likely sitting right behind the clutch cover. Based on just the damage seen in the picture, the mechanism that pushes the power valve rod most likely has issues and needs some attention.

As far as the power valve hitting the piston, as you know ~ that shouldn't happen. Your going to have to pull the cylinder and disassemble the power valve and see what's going on.

The valves were hitting the piston with the engine running, or after you took them apart and put them back in? Did you break the clip, or was it broken when you took the cover off?

One common mistake is to reverse the arm that pulls the valves - the one on the rod. The fiche show the correct orientation of the components.

To make it easier, go to this web-site http://alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm follow the prompts to your year's RMX parts diagrams, then on to RMX250 - EXHAUST VALVE. This is easier and quicker than me scanning from my manual and trying to post. Good luck. A.J.

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