Best grips for off road?

What are the best grips for off road and why?

I'm suffering from blisters and am looking for the best grips to keep my hands in a little better shape.

I prefer Scott Fusion Grips. But the best grips are the ones you like. Just make sure you don't use too SOFT a grip. This will grab your skin and cause blisters.


Well I should note that I am using the stock yamaha half waffle grips, and with 60 hours on them there has been hardly any noticable wear.

I am open to any suggestions.


I have always heard that wearing to loose or big of glove ads in blistering your hands. I try to wear a size smaller than I would like and let the glove stretch a little. I still get one by my thumb, but you can try it.

I like the spider m1 grips myself!

Sounds crazy but I used to get the same thing even when i thought I was lightly gripping the bars. The grip donuts help with thumb blisters. What I ended up doing was what a buddy does and picked up from racing SERA circuit as many of his friends did this.

Buy a set of tuxedo gloves and wear them underneath your riding gloves. You'll never get blisters again. They are very soft and wick away moisture as well.

I have been using the moto death grips lately and they are bit thicker but very "pillow-top" like because the grips are raised quite a bit.

Anything that is comfy, lasts long and does well when covered in mud should fit the bill.


I was getting blisters on my left hand with a stock Yamaha YZ250 08 grip and after switching to much softer Renthal Kevlar half waffle grips the problem was solved.

I run the pro-taper dual compound grips. These are the best that I've ever used.

pro taper pillow tops for me

Generally you get blisters from hanging on too tightly. It's caused by a seperation of the layers of skin. Try to loosen your grip and you'll see a big difference. Hold on like you're holding onto a little bird. You want to hold it tightly enough so as not to let it go, but you don't want to crush it. If you're getting blisters, your bird is dead. It's a matter of changing a bad habit. Try gripping with your knees more and your hands less tightly. My hands are as soft as a childs and I don't get blisters ever. As far as grips go, get what fits your hand best and feels comfortable to you.

I love my Renthal Kevlars. They are fairly soft and they wear like Iron. I don't really care for the Pillow Tops. They just feel wierd/different to me. I am sure I would get use to them, but for now I will stick with my Kevlars.

I use some that are similar to pillow tops. they're called skull grips and the pillows are little skull faces... those are on the 610, very plush grips. I like 'em a lot. I think pro taper makes 'em and I got mine from

I have cheap full waffles on my 250, no complaints.

Don't hold on too tight

regardless what grip you choose i love these things for long days on the bike. palmsavers by the sealsaver people. i dont know why they are not more popular it must be marketing?


I have renthal medium full diamond grips. I never get blisters either.

I had some blister problems after buying a new pair of gloves. For the fun of it I bought some moose kevlar undewear glove liners(saw them in a motorcycle shop) . No blisters ever again. Excellent stuff. ..also make sure you have the correct size gloves. I thought xl gloves were the correct size because they fit snug. I was wrong...I tried a 2xl and it put much more comfort in my hand. It improved on arm pump too. I have used a variety of grips .. The latest is the odi half grip. It is ok but I am going to try the progrip rally gel grip. ..The dakar rally kind. I have heard good reports about these . I will put it on with the boyesen shokout grip system. I just haven't had the time yet. The odi system is great and still in good shape and I don't have to mess with glue to put on or off...just an allen wrench and change out the throttle grip. The moose glove liners for sure work perfect for me . I would say get'um.:lol::worthy:

ive liked the kevlar grips and the dual compound grips. the tapered grips are comfy too. i plan on trying the pillow top or spyder grips next. i have never had trouble with blisters regardless of what grips i use though. so i cant guarantee anything.

Progrip Rally grips. They are the fat ones with all the little holes.

I have tried everything from the palm savers to kevlar. These are the best, cheap and last forever, well almost. I am starting my 3rd season on them.

My friends turned me on to them and we ride alot. It takes a couple rides to get used to them because they are a little bigger. Trust me you will never go back.:lol:

+1 on the Scott half waffle, but the stock Yamaha half waffle work for me as well, on occasion I will get the thumb knuckle going pretty good, and get the glove bound up around my wedding ring, but I just deal with it, I just trail/desert ride anyway.

my personal preference is the spider m1. the last pair I had was a set of pillow tops,I didn't hate them. I still like the m1's better it just seems like they do a dramatically better job deadening vibration.

I agree with the above post. Spider grips are awsome. I had problems with blisters but not anymore. I've used the M1 and the SLX grip. M1 is slightly bigger around so for big hands they're great. The SLX grip is smoother on the surface which is why I think they are smaller but it didn't make any difference to me. I can use either grip without an issue. I like that the grips seem to get "sticky" when they get wet. Those who use them will know what I mean.

I won't use anything else!!

Hope this helps,


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