anyone know what kind of hand guards these are??

i want to get bigger ones for more protection but dont know what brand these are?




the wrap around looks like the cycra but i dont know

the wrap around looks like the cycra but i dont know

the cycras have 3 holes mine only has two???

please keep guessing guys thanks...

Fastway Fit.

dosent really matter, get what ever plasti you want and bolt them up, the bars do look like Cycras, I've never seen those deflectors befor though. the Cycra deflectors come with the bit/tap/screws for the install. any of the plastic ones will flex enough to fit in those bars.


those are cycras that have been cut down.Many cycra shields only have two holes.

Many handguards use the basic "dip" design that Cycra came up with. You can get just about any plastic shield meant for any of those handguards and make them work.

The ones pictured are not actual Cycra handguards. Cycras are not anodized black, and the inside edge is flat (they do not have the center "depression" seen in the pics above). Cycras also have a different mounting system to the bar.

Heck, I think that you can even get those KTM branded from the KTM Hardparts catalog this year.

They could be the G2 Ergonomics brush deflectors. But G2 has three screws, I believe:blah:

i guess i will just get some cycra shields and make them fit!!!! thanks guys

Fastway FIT handguards that are licensed from CYCRA. I have a pair on my 08 250 XCFW

cycra DOES make black anodized handguards,I had a set on my CRF450R last year.

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