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Problems in moab

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That sounds outrageous! I've been trying to research and can’t seem to find a straight answer.

1- The "required equipment" for motorcycles, straight out of the Utah code (41-6a-1506) says nothing about turn signals unless they were originally equipped.

2- If a bike is plated does it need to have off road registration? Now I’ve heard yes and no. If so where is the information stating this?

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Well i read through the seven pages on advrider and it looks like they are making a plated bike keep the required equipment on while off road. There dose not seem to be any statue to back this up. Also it seems they are making a plated bike have turn signals now...and still no statue to back it up.

Here is a what a member on advrider found.

Post 55 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=436719&page=4

I have now spoken with;

Tiffany at the Utah State Parks Department,

Jennifer at the BLM Moab Office,

and Curt at the Grand County, UT Sheriffs Department.

Here is what I've determined;

1) Dual sport motorcycles that are 100% street legal, and in compliance with UT DOT requirements do NOT need a State of UT OHV sticker.

2) To be street legal the bike must have the following in operating service;

Hi/Low headlight

Mirror (one minimum).

Turn Signals (hand signal used to be legal during the day but aren't anymore).

Brake/Tail light visible from 500' under clear conditions


Horn (audible, and electro-mechanical. No squeeze bulb bike horns)

Plated (out of state qualifies).


3) Motorcycles that are not 100% street legal MUST have an OHV sticker.

4) Motorcycles need to either be plated or have OHV sticker, even while loaded on a transport vehicle. This is State Park's regulation.

Now, all three people that I spoke with claimed to be OHV enthusiasts, and two are riders.

Now for the gritty. Indeed dual sport bikes must either be steet legal and plated or OHV. No one had an issue with putting a UT OHV sticker on a plated/street legal bike.

So as I understand it, you have to have mirrors and blinkers, or an OHV sticker, it's up to the rider.

Now off the record, the two riders realize that this equipment is fragile, and suffers in a get off. That said, they did not expect that a rider would be cited if a street legal bike does not have mirrors while off highway.

To me, a simpler solution is to just put on a folding/break away IMS/Acerbis mirror, and keep your signals on the bike. This is how I roll.

For the O'Kokopelli Ride, I will encourage everyone to be street legal, or go purchase an OHV sticker.

Sorry you had a negative encounter out there EnduroInce. It really sucks that so much wonderful country is at risk of being closed to OHV.

Lastly, as an aside, the Moab BLM has posted their current OHV inventory in the form of digital maps which can be found here;


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Do the same rules apply if you're plated in another state and riding in Utah?

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That first link got snipped and doesnt work.

A couple minutes of searching and I found the site. Copy and paste this into your browser (without the quotes) if you have the same problem.


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