650L Sub mount Damper on RSW clamps?

Hi BRP owners:

I got the triple clamp from Ron suggested by this list. It is awesome. I need a damper but refuse to put it on top. Look at all that room under the bars:


I don't know why the setup sold for the CRF450 won't work.


I emailed Ron (no answer) and called Scotts. They were not interested in a sub mount on the L for RSW clamps. I thought that was odd in this economy.

Anyway, please check out the CRF sub picture and comment on the viability. It is an expensive mistake if it doesn't work. I didn't see anybody else post a success for RSW sub for the L.


Well. No suggestions.

I might as well get a cheap Ebay unit and build my own sub mount. I am thinking it will not be too hard since I can tap the flat triple anywhere. I can always fab my own post to the frame. A hack saw and file will keep me out of the bars.

I will post some pictures if the result is worthy.


My sub mount installation is complete.

Here is my account:


If I was unemployed, I would make some mounts for everybody. I have used the site below and got excellent work. I could probably cut the Scott price in half and get a perfect fit. The price break starts about 10 pieces.


A lesson in futility. Now RSW has the triple with the submount built in for $200.


Well I still give you an A+ for effort! I also like your cows and the ducks!

I don't see it on his website?

Don't see one for the 650r either

Ron sent me that photo. It might take him a while to update the website, but I would guess he would be happy to sell it now. Give him a call.


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