Bike Quit running?

My 08 Husky is down, so I broke out the 05 450 for the first time in 8 months. The bike has been started once a month and been on a battery tender. Took it to the local track today to get used to riding a 4 stroke again before a Hare Scramble on Sunday. The bike ran great for 30 minutes and then just shut down. The bike cranks over but it wont start. Lost my plug wrench so I can't tell if its getting spark. I had this happen once before in Las Vegas but it started up when it cooled down. I replaced the stator and it was all good. The bike won't start now when its cool so I dont think its the stator. What could it be?


I would look into fuel flow, plugged pilot, etc.

What model??? If EXC has it had the canisterectomy treatment?

Any model is there gas in the carb?? Tank venting issues can screw up a percet running bike

Check your plug cap also. CJ

Double check all connections to the new stator. Wrap them up with E-tape or use tie-wraps around them to make SURE they don't come apart while racing.

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