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Hi. I am just getting started in motorcycling, and am needing some boots for this upcoming season. All the boots I have tried (Alpinestars, and Thors) have been extremely stiff. I didn't know if all riding boots are like that or not? I would like a somewhat flexible boot with an all terrain type sole since most of my riding will be trails. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and try to keep the cost below the Tech 10 cost, $500 seems like a little much.

Alpinestars makes a "Trials" boot I think, it supposed to be quite a bit less stiff, but I do not know this from first hand experience.

i have the alpinestars tech 7 i have not had any problems with the durability, as for comfort at first they were a little stiff but after they broke in they are awesome :lol:

Tech 3s are great, and are a great price 165 .


best boots i've ever come across

trials boots are the most flexible and pliable made. keep in mind that hitting the ground, roots, and rocks at speed requires some support and stiffness to prevent injury. i've found if they're comfy like a tennis shoe that's probably about how much they'll protect you.

A.r.c. Mx 240?

I have FOX boots and there very comfortable and not too stiff. Most new boots you find are stiff. You can either put boot oil in them and I used a string and bent them and tied them up and let them sit. I heard of people soaking them in the bathtub but I have never tried that first hand. Also you can just wear them around the house and break them in also. The more you wear them the sooner they will loosen up.

+1 for Sidi's.

I scoured the internet for 2 months and finally got a new set of TA's for $280 shipped. They are white and I wanted black, but for that price I decided to just 'get over it'.

Thanks for the replies. I was going to lean more toward the tech 3's, but I believe the tech 7's might be the way to go. Any more suggestion would be great, thanks!

Thanks for the replies. I was going to lean more toward the tech 3's, but I believe the tech 7's might be the way to go. Any more suggestion would be great, thanks!

I see used tech 8’s for like $150 all the time on craigslist.

You have to keep in mind that any boot you get will be a little stiff until you wear them in. Also, IMO, it's worth spending a little extra coin on getting a good pair of boots. They are not only made for protecting your feet from root/rock stubs etc. but are made more rigid to help prevent a broken ankle/s etc..

The best boots are the ones on sale! Buy previous year models. You can still find 07' or 08' Fox boots for $199.00. Thats what i'm wearing and they are great.

I love my A Stars Tech 6s. Got them cheap a year ago. Like 150.00

was going to buy the tech 3's myself but made the mistake of trying on the tech 8's. Way more comfortable. They have the booty inside the boot like the tech 10's but they are a little less expensive. Just my .02

+2 sor SIDI's and Gearne's are second on my list.

+2 sor SIDI's and Gearne's are second on my list.

better quality on those these days, still made in italy. a-stars are now made in china. a little disappointed with the durability of my tech10's.

There are several good boots out there, but I put my Gaerne S10s at the top of the list; I guess I wouldn't have bought them if I felt any other way. Very comfortable from day one and excellent protection. I love 'em!

A.r.c. Mx 240?

i have these and they do well, they are hinged two which is a big plus, a hinge will take away a lot of the stiffness

I have tech 3s that ive had for years and last fall got a pair of tech 8s on flee bay brand new to door for 205.00 and wont wear the tech 3s any more. Shop around and you will find a deal the the tech 8s with the booty are worth it. I dont like they way the ankle support of the tech 10s feel coud have bought them for 20 bucks more. Good luck

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