consumer safty commision bann has effected the rm 250??

so as some of you know i am rebuilding my 98 rm 250 and ordered up alot of parts from right here at the forum parts store and reviewed my order tonight and half of my parts are banned by this stupid ass consumer product safty board!!!!! this is total bull sh*& i am calling tomarow and this matter had best be settled becouse if they start banning our parts, it ain't gonna fly... i was under the understanding that the ban was for 85cc or less bikes. and thats bad enough and with the year pass for the motorsports industry this realy chaps my hide....:lol::worthy::banghead:

this new ban is just wrong.i wonder if you could order the stuff from canada and have it shipped down to you?

What?! :lol:

Which parts are banned?

this really is stupid, the fricking governement....we are a free country gosh darn it!

This had better not be the case. United Socialist States of Amerika. :lol:

What?! :lol:

Which parts are banned?

so far its the union cylinder above the exaughts valve the hose fro that cylender the clip for that cylender the clamps that hold the carb to the boot and intake the bearing retainer screws for the tranny and i hope thats it but there is alot of stuff still pending!!! i am gonna call the 800number today and get an explenation becouse this is bull:foul: :worthy::banghead:

You've got to be kidding me! Please keep us updated - how in hell can those little things be banned? :lol:, indeed.

thats what i plann on finding out, i will know in a few they start answering calls at 9am i think i will start calling as soon as i get back from taking my daughters to school. the joys of working from home lots of time to bitch on the phone at stupid people:banana:

Hopefully the parts are just back ordered. Otherwise, slap them silly for the rest of us. :lol:

here is the email i recieved.

Dear ThumperTalk Customer,

We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide you with the following items:

SUZUKI_01547-0610B Suzuki BOLT

SUZUKI_01547-0616B Suzuki BOLT

SUZUKI_02142-0512A Suzuki SCREW

SUZUKI_09352-50823-600 Suzuki HOSE

SUZUKI_09401-08401 Suzuki CLIP

SUZUKI_16910-09401 Suzuki .UNION, CYLINDER

As of February 10th, no OEM parts can be sold by any dealer for any motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle that is intended for use by children ages 12 and under. This is in compliance with legislation enacted by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in their misguided effort to protect our children from lead poisoning.

In our many years in the sport and industry, we’ve never seen or heard of a single child becoming sick or dying as the result of any lead content supposedly found in small cc motorcycles, ATVs or other vehicles. We also know that these vehicles are not toys and children do not lick, suck on or ingest parts of or entire motorcycles, ATVs, etc…

However, all common sense has escaped the CPSC concerning these vehicles and they are not only hurting the powersports industry at a very tough time economically, they are denying your rights to buy and repair the motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles that our kids love to ride and we enjoy riding with them. Pure feel good legislation for legislators and the uninformed.

So, what can you do? Get mad, click the following link, inform yourself and take action!

Thanks for your order and we’re sorry to be the bearer for bad news. But, we’re in the fight and we’ll do all we can to get these vehicles exempted from this ridiculous legislation.





Aperantly becouse some of the parts are used on the smaller bikes as well they fall into the bann?

I guess I will be shopping from Canada to get my parts now. :worthy:

I'm sure they can't send them across the border so I'll have to smuggle them across. Probably go to prison for trying to work on my bike. :lol:

On the bright side they closed guantanamo bay so they wont send us to cuba for threatening homeland security by smuglin our lead coated bolts maby a black market is in order:thumbsup:

I'm going to triple my fuel/oil ratio and install BIG jets to spooge like nobody's business. Oh, and remove the silencer, too. Piss on those commie bastards.

A re-enactment of the marijuana smuggling tunnels beneath the border. I'll get caught with blood on my hands (bike parts in a bag). But sir, it's only a BOLT you DOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make our revolt stronger against this nonsense - the street bike gang must be affected. Once they can't get a bolt or hose then enough may make some noise and get this stupidity stopped - HELLO AMA - ANYBODY HOME????. Until then, we're just a bunch of whiners who destroy public lands anyway. :lol:

It's because those part numbers cross reference to the little bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's because those part numbers cross reference to the little bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exactly any part that is used on a smaller cc bike is covered in the bann:foul: :lol::worthy: I just got off the phone with TT customer service and there is nothing they can do they havn't heared anything aboute this one year grace period for the small bikes or when it will go into effect. I could freekin kill someone right now this is so stupid i bet there is some dumb ass congresman who passed this bill sittin on a lake right now fishin with his little boy and he has a hole tackle box full of tiny lead weights that the kid could choke on but his punk ass sure didn't bann those he probubly has him puttin them on with his teeth too becoune naturaly he couldnt get a pair of plyers becouse they are banned:foul: :banghead::busted::lol: :lol: :lol::bonk: I can't belive how far our country has fallen it used to be land of the free and home of the brave now its land of the free to do what our commy government sais and home of the cowards who let this bill pass, that being congress of course last time i checked we were an ass kicken country we launched the biggest airstrike in history on a country full of kids for nukes that didn't exist?? and we can't get a mother f"n bolt and some hoses. i will just take my haapy little ass down to the hardware store and buy the damb bolts there and hoses and make it work but how long will that last how long before i cant get sewer pipes for my house of a garden hose? my kids will chew on that before they chew on a dirtbike... sorry for the ran't but i am so pissed...

We are getting pushed around by a bunch of lawyers...:lol:

its rediculas

We are getting pushed around by a bunch of lawyers...:lol:

Lawyers who probably pose around on the weekends with their "Made In America" Harleys. "All chrome folks; no lead to lick. Move along."

yeah it sucks here at the shop, if suzuki ever used, or lists as a superceded part for a youth motorcycle or atv that happens to fit any other machine they can't ship it to us.........god i hate this law, we have over 100 youth machines in stock, and in crates that we still aren't sure what we are gonna do with :lol:, and worse yet parts in stock that contain lead we have no idea what we can an can't sell as far as parts go

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