2005 DR Z400s 5300ft to 8500ft

2005 DR Z400s

130 main jet from a stage 1 Dynojet kit, the rest of the carb is stock

I'm not sure about the needle or clip position

(6) 1" holes in the air box, Ready Filter

5300ft work, 8300ft home

Yoshimura RS-3 slip on, stock head pipe

The bike really ran good in Denver but after the move to Conifer things have been strange. I'm hoping it's jetting... When I start the bike up in morning cold at 8300ft I can't use the choke. Even in the half way position the choke has little or no effect on rpm. Once I get it running getting down the hill is no big deal but coming home once the bike is good and warm I start getting a healthy hesitation. Bog I guess... I twist and a second later the bike starts to pull. The hotter it is the worse it gets.

Thanks in advance for the help!

1" hole? holes?

since you didnt do the 3x3 mod and just added a hole or holes its gonna be tough to gauge the jetting.

its rich for sure.

id lean the needle 1 cip for starters.

Yeah, the air box has 6 1" holes in it. Four on the top and two on the exhaust side so they are still covered by the right side plastics. No holes in the plastics... As well the 1" holes have some sort of grommet ultimately reducing the opening. Trying the math I figured 6 1" holes would equal 4.7 square inches. I think the opening where the snorkel would go is about 4.5 square inches so technically I guess it's close to 9 square inches but with the grommets it's got to be a little shy. Besides the holes on the top are almost completely covered by the CDI.

I'll open up the top of the carb tonight and find out what the story is with the clip position. (the clip was in the 5th of 6 possitions, I've moved it to the 4th)

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