Nut size for XRR fork compression and rebound valve stack

What size nut is required for the XRR front fork compression and rebound valve stacks? I have to remove/file/grind the old nuts to reshim the stacks for a more aggressive and plush ride.

Thus I am looking for the size to replace the filed down nuts.


you dont have to file down the nut very much at all, just a little bit on the actual threads of the bolt to get the nut off. If I remember correctly, the wrench size is 12mm, not sure the actual nut size though. Ive done my stacks a couple times already and can still safely reuse the same nuts.

FYI, if you are ordering a PC GoldValve, it comes with a replacement nut.

You do not need to grind the nuts on the forks. The compression valve is all aluminum but, the rebound is mild steel. You need to back the nuts off a tad then tighten them again. grind the shaft with a bench belt sander/file. and then take the nuts off. Nothing like the shock shaft nut.....that is a pain. If you take the nuts off right on the forks they will be like new. Just make sure the "clean" side goes down when putting it back together.

Also, the nuts are at Ace hardware, I just took an old nut there and matched it up and then bought a bunch for backup's. 12mm 1.50 I thought but, I don't know for sure.

This is the stock nut back on this one:


I do peen the nut but, also use a small amount of red locktite only on the threads of the nut. Leave it upside down till dry. It is a big deal if the locktite wicks down into the shim stack.

FYI, if you are ordering a PC GoldValve, it comes with a replacement nut.

Do you mean Race Tech Gold Valve?

BTW. I noticed that the whole valve setup is the same one that's on my 95 CR250. Good ole Honda.

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