what kind of Portable generator does everyone use ??

i like to get a Portable generator for the track , for the tire warmers , getting tired of needing the plug that everyone wants , i have seen 2 strokes , 4strokes . thanks . PS can you give me the brand and model . so i can look it up

Honda 2000w generator. VERY quiet and runs forever on 1 gal of gas.

thanks , but wow MSRP $1,079.95*

quality never comes cheap....

Stay away from all cheap construction type generators, LOUD, obnoxious.. arg,,

I use an ONAN RV QG 7000 EFI on my toy hauler, But if I was getting a small stand alone genset,, it would be a Honda Eu2000 or the like.. SUPER quite, gas efficient and uber reliable.

Start with how many watts you need,,, until you know that, it’s had to pick what you want

Anthony, bought one on special at PEP Boys for 100 bucks. 1000 watts or so and super small. Smaller than a microwave. Easy to start and runs fine.

Let me know if you need more info about it. By the way, NOT quiet but cheap

Wolf 2.5kW with long run tank (68dB)

I have a pair of Honda EU2000I, I can run them in paralell and they will run my fifth wheel including air conditioner or just use one if not using air. Extremely quiet which is VERY important if you are going to use it around other people.

Honda 2000, or 3000 depending on what you are running. Expensive, but they are hands down the best ones I have ever owned.

you can do a lot with 3 $90 18wheeler batterys and a transformer

Honda EU3000

Very quiet But very large. I use it for many purposes so I got a larger generator.

For the track I would suggest the smaller one .More portable. But I can run many things when we go camping or spend the weekend at the track with the 3000

It depends on what you are going to use it for other than the track.


Honda eu200i, runs great, quiet, easy to carry, got it on craigslist for 800. It runs my rv with the tv, microwave, lights just not the roof ac, but who is in the desert in the summer. If you build a box with no top or bottom and put it over the gene it makes it even more quiet.

7kw gen set on the motorhome....

It's even pretty quiet.

Honda for sure, very very quite and high quality generators.

Honda 3000. Not only is it dependable, powerful and quiet but the power coming from it is clean so you can even plug your laptop in.

I love mine mostly because it's so quiet, though.

Wouldn't even think of going to Crooms without A/C in the Summer here in Fla.!

Yamaha 2400 is what I'd buy if I needed another one. Right now I have a Kipor 3500. Quiet like the Honda and Yamaha but since it is a Chinese knock-off it was 1/3 cheaper. I've been very happy with it.

Wise Sales and Alamia have great prices on generators.

8500 Honda......awesome when I've got no power. Big as hell tho.

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