290 Big Bore, stock or hot cams & what stage?

Gonna go with a 290 big bore kit. I have heard that you need cams and exhaust to really get the most out of the kit. I am running a Jardine pipe now and am wondering what cams I should use? I have heard to go with stage 2 hot cams to get more top end.

Anyone have experience with this? Wondering if I should just try the big bore with stock cams first?

PM Jesse at Williamsmotowerx here on the forum he can give you good advice on this.

yep, call jesse, dont get the stage 2.

yep, call jesse, dont get the stage 2.

Why not the stage 2?


Why not the stage 2?


Because they actually don't do to much, they are kind of a waste of money.

Stage 2 hotcam exhaust cam works well for me, Lukes 12:1 290 kit. Gave it its over rev back and still pulls up top like a 250F.

I noticed a nice difference with stage 2 cams, it moved the powerband like 2k rpm higher, which means more HP, and it wheelied less under WOT due to less bottom end power.

I liked them for how long I had 'em

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