is this safe?

if im reading right they are pretty much the same thins as the power now things that you put into youre carbs.if so from what ive read some like them an some say they do nothing.for me i wouldnt probaly notice a difference cause im still a noob lol.:lol::worthy:

We used to put window screen before the carb back in the day.

window screen lol that so smart thing old times lol but thanks for ur options

I put the power now in my carb 05 kx250 and man what a difference. it seemed to smooth out the power delivery and I swear I had more overrev. then again I am also a noob at the 250 and do spend a lot of time at half throttle. it should make more difference at half and below than at full wide open.

It kinda turns your carb into a 2 barrel; open throttle a little and it's like having a little carb with the better air flow. I did it to a KDX220 and it was great!

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