Aftermarket Cruise Control

Thinking about purchasing a ford e150 or 250 cargo van. My question is most of the ones I have looked at don't come with cruise control. How well do some of the after market ones work, how much is involved in installing one and what makes are good ones to look at. Thanks for any help.

I have installed both aftermarket and factory and prefer the factory,but the aftermarket always worked. its just more of a hassel to get replacement parts if needed. we really need the year model and engine size to be more helpful

I had an aftermarket cruise control on my Nissan truck years ago. It was a cheapy from JC Whitney, but it worked very well. I think it took a couple hours to install, (its been more than 10 years ago) but I don't remember it being a difficult thing to install.

My moms saturn has an aftermarket cruise in it. The shop installed it, so I don't know about difficulty. The first one we had was a dud and couldn't hold mph at all, and it would sometimes turn off. We took it back and they replaced it with another one that works fine.:lol:

What year Ford are you dealing with. I've done hundreds of cruises for the dealersips in my area. If it has the newer "drive by wire" electronic gas pedal, you should be able to order a new steering wheel from Ford with the cruise buttons on it, swap it onto your car, and have the dealership update the vehicle information with the PDS/IDS etc. (all different Ford proprietaty scan tools) to allow cruise functionality and you're done - usually under $200 for the wheel, plus $ if you don't swap the wheel on your own, and more $ if you don't have a tech buddy at the dealer that you can slip a 6 pack to to plug your car in for a few minutes. If it has the old school cable throttle, they're still pretty easy. The E series is sorta goofy to do since working on the motor is a little awkward (pulling the doghouse and gaining access to the throttle body), but super straightforward. Go for an electric cruise - vacuum cruises will give you headaches over time. Once you get the electric dialed in, it's good and done...

Dan control. How well do some of the after market ones work, how much is involved in installing one and what makes are good ones to look at. Thanks for any help.

Same question for a 2001 Chavy Express 2500 5.0 v8 (its the cruise control that come on the windshield wipers/ high beam stalk...) ?



Aftermarket cruises have either a 2nd stalk that mounts next to the original turn signal stalk (most common) or a panel that mounts on the dash with buttons to control the cruise. An Express van of that era isn't that bad to work on - VSS (speed signal wire) can be a little tricky if you have to go the ECU to get the signal (way down low below the headlight in the engine compartment), but many of those vehicles had a "factory cruise" connector that was strapped by the brake booster that has the VSS wire there. Otherwise it's the same deal - just playing with access by the intake for the throttle, dealing with the doghouse etc.. All in all it's not too bad, just not as fast as doing a regular car/truck.


Every aftermarket cruise setup I've owned has bit the dust just about the time they discontinue making replacement components for it.

If you can do it, I'd go with factory cruise every time (or OEM cruise installation, if you get my drift).

The electronic Rostra cruises haven't had the "crapping out" problem like the older (mostly vacuum based) systems did. They're not cheap (usually in the mid 2's for parts depending on application) but they're solid. OEM is usually a much more brainless install, but in many cases they don't have a "retrofit" application.


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