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Shirt graphics and designs

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First off I want to say this is not turning into a classied ad.

Alright guys and gals I need some ideas from those of you who are artistic. Me and a friend have been tossing around the idea of a clothing line. Mainly consisting of t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and hats (beanie/stocking and regular ball caps). We have a few ideas for names and once we start printing I'll tell you all that part. But we are open to any and all designs. I'm asking on here cause one line will be more MX related as its something we are both into. I figured with the help of TT I could get some good ideas and if we use anyones design we will give you some free stuff. Were open to adult and kid themed designs. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas!

Once again, not selling anything yet. When we get there it will be in the classifieds or whatever the site owner/mods suggest. :lol:

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