Fork Valving Questions

Whats up all?

I've been a Husky mechanic for years and I've always wanted to learn how to correctly valve a set of forks. I've replaced seals, springs, and oil, but I never have messed with any shim stack settings at all. I wanted to know guidlines for going about this, and over-all how to make sure it's done right. Are there any articles or books or anyone one here that can teach me how? I want to have a more advanced understanding of how the forks work and how different shims in different places have an effect in relation to riding. I have a pair extra pair of 2004 45mm marzocchis from a tc-450 were going to sell, and I want to try and tune those in better.

There aren't any books (at least non i'd know of) but here's a good but very long read:

Reading the suspension forum at TT helps as well

with the zockes that's a good start, very simple forks, easy to modify

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