keep stalling at the lights - XR650R

So riding home from work this afternoon

I lanesplit to the front of a 1km line of stopped traffic.

Bike is still warming up, i keep the revs up abit say 1/8th throttle. just as the light turns green, the bike conks out and wont start until 3rd kick. horns beepin at me and im frantically trying to get it going

got it going and just as the light is going orange, i pop the clutch with some revs and the front wheel unexpectedly went sky high and me with wide eyes wobbling all over the shop :lol::worthy:

OK to my question, i want this to stop happening.

What is causing the bike to conk out even when im holding revs while its cold ? it runs pretty good when warm, but takes too long to warm up so i ride off while its warming up.

Its a mikuni TM40

It's cold that's why.

What cam, i know i should remember but hey i'm old.

There are some strange cut outs that happen at 1/8th, rarely, but catches me out in round abouts, i dont think it should be cutting out when im holding a constant throttle

all stock baby

the motor is so strong with the tm40 i dont know why i would need to get more power. waiting for the first engine rebuild :-)

Do you have a choke cable or a plunger setup?

the tm40 uses a choke cable, i have it mounted to my clutch cable down by the cases

That makes it easy to get to. Do you leave the choke on when the engiine is still warming up and you are already in city traffic?

I turn it off when i ride off.

maybe i should leave the choke on longer

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