WP Shock tools

Where can I get WP shock tools? I'm looking for the piston alignment sleeve. How important is it to use this?

Aligment sleeve is a critical tool.You can order from wp importer or ktm dealer.

can anyone post a pic off this tool?

here it is:


The tool costs about 20 Euro + sales tax (about US $26 at current exchange rate)

not sure what they would charge you in the US/UK

...You can order from wp importer or ktm dealer.

My nearest dealer is 35 miles away and the last time I ordered something from them it took 2 1/2 weeks. And I called them to see if they had the vacuum and nitrogen for recharging and the guy in the service dept said "no, haven't had too many failures on those". I felt like calling KTM and telling them they need to educate this dealer about suspension.

So I was hoping to find an online source for tools. I'll try calling a better dealer and get it shipped to me. The next closest dealer is 3 hours away so it looks like I'll have to ship it out to get it charged anyway. Now that I have it apart, I'd like to get it back together before sending it out.

try MX-Tech or write a mail to rks1 (MX-Tech Palo Verde)

He will help you out

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