Mini Bikes?

With the boom of people converting xr50s so big people can ride them I am suprised some of the manufacturers arent taking notice.

Mini bikes are a blast for big and little people. Honda should revive the trail 70 and 90's I would purchase 2 in a heartbeat. I know there are tons of mini's out there but they are set up as mini motorcycles, not the true mini bike style. I am about ready to purchase 2 trail 70's but wonder can you still get parts if they break, anyone, bueller, anyone.


The trail 50 and 70 live. The local Kawasaki shop has them, brand spanking new. He told me some company in china bought the rights and tooling to make the 50 and 70's. I forget what they're called but, they are exactly like the old ones.

They're way cool :)


if your serious, I'll get more info.

Although the XR5o & XR70 are available new they're the old CT series if I remember correctly.

My Honda 90, as a kid, was a full size motorcycle/scooter. I remember it being as fast as as any bike could be (for a twelve year old, thats pretty fast). When I got an XR75 I usually rode the 90 instead, unless my dad made me let my sister ride it and I had to ride my own.For my 14th b-day I got a 125 Elsinore and never rode either again.

Isn't it strange what power does to a person.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I bought my twin daughters 125L's for their 13th birthday and they're already boohooing that they want more power. I hope they learn the secret of momentum, cause I certainly am not going to get them a 125 motocross bike at 14.


If you want an original Honda, they are available, just not new. Parts can be found, and from the sound of it, Honda dealers actually carry many commonly replaced parts in stock. Check out this website. I went over this a few days ago, and was blown away. These people are goofy for these things. They do look like a lot of fun, though. There are Mini Trail 50's, too.


is this what your looking for. My brother just finished it.


mini trail

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