450 problems

Hey all, I'm new to TT but not new to bikes. I just bought a 2003 crf 450R and I need some help. Its pretty much impossible to kick, I can only bump it down a big hill. The guy I bought it from said the valves need adjusting and I just want to make sure that sounds right before paying to get it looked at. Also It's leaking oil in larg amount what seems to be from where the clutch cable connects to the case. It seems to be leaking from that seal but I havnt heard of this before. Other than that its a sweet bike, gold excel wheels, FMF pipe, tuned suspension, bars, plastics and a chain all for 1500. Any help on the other problems would be great and ill post pics of it soon.

If it is to the point of hard starting the valve clearence has probably zeroed out and the valves will need to be replaced. As for the leakage sounds like you are correct, bad seal.

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