Its official!!Linkage to KTM...:(

Not sure how good your english is but from what I'm reading it seems they are staying with the PDS so be happy.:lol:

As you can see they speak about testing linkage and new chassis official.

yes, they talk about testing (what they are actually already doing for years) but that's - at least for the moment - about it:

The overall evaluation of all the characteristics and the results of all the tests on the rear wheel suspension up to this point in time has shown a clear preference for the PDS system, which will therefore continue to be used by the factory team.

and further:

[...] We would definitely not do ourselves any favours if we made any changes to this successful concept.

yeah , when i read this i was in harry and i didnt see details......You are right.

I don't know...the fact that they are even talking about it makes you wonder. If they were so happy with the PDS, why even bring it up.

KTM has been testing bikes with linkage for years. Heck, every factory rally bike they have ever used in Dakar has had a linkage and past dirt bikes have had it so it is nothing new to KTM to use a link.

Honda had direct injected two stroke bikes a long time ago and we still haven't seen those anywhere near a dealer's showroom.

Until I personally see a KTM SXF with linkage show up in the crate at my dealer, I won't believe it.

Either that or I finally figured out how to get my POS (oops, I meant PDS) working right and don't want to start over.

I actually like the PDS, it is the forks that I don't particularly like.

yeah , when i read this i was in harry and i didnt see details......You are right.

poor harry? :lol:

poor harry? :lol:

:worthy::banghead::busted::lol: :lol: :lol::bonk:

Gentlemen, i'm appalled at your thinking, please retain countenance :worthy::lol:

poor harry? :banghead:

Man! A good laugh to start off Friday morning!!! Thank you!



so we will see a linkage in 2011 from that article....with press releases you have to read between the lines, if they said they will goto a linkage no one will buy the last year of the pds as it will be admitted to a failure..

"Gummi Harry" perhaps :lol:

Actually there was a thread about this in KTM Talk with pictures and rumour is that linkage is delayed by one year. It was originally supposed to be introduced 2010. I'm with mog on this. It's just a cover story to sell the last PDS bikes.

even a shock driven by a linkage needs a good setup to work fine. maybe the setup procedure starts again after they switched :lol:

What does PDS stand for?:lol:

pile dog sh*t

...and the mistery goes on...!!

and thats a commend from some on it:

Homeskillet · 10 hours ago

I just had an update from my source in Austria, the aluminum frame joint venture with Kawi is gonna be a 2011 deal. I just got off the phone with an industry insider that has close ties to the KTM R&D team. KTM is outsourcing the design and manufacturing of their linkage system to Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit. Did anyone see that one coming? Sources close to Mitch say that the KTM, Kawasaki, Mitch Payton team have been working together for some time now. Bones is reported to have flown to Austria on a private jet to Austria immediately following Glen Helen. Apparently he is there to oversee testing of the latest prototype. I will pass along updates as soon as I hear anything.

..hahahahha....the internet is soo full of BS!!:crazy:

Everts has again been seen testing a linkage system and the pics exist, it would nieve to think KTM go the length of making these protos and dont have any plans to use them.

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