more low end?

how the heck can i really increase my low end on my 2 stroke 300? i like to lugg it around then when i want more power drop it into the pipe, are there any cheap ways to increase the low end a lot but keeping the same top end too?

how does a 300 not have enough low end? pipe spacer is the cheapest. but you will loose some top end, and a reed cage spacer.

hmm it has enough i lug it around all the time, im only 185 with all gear on.

i was just wondering if it was really possible to add a ton of low end so i can really lug it around, but isnt that more of a 4 stroke type thing?

more low end would just let me rip up hills not in the pipe say in 4th and not have to keep dropping the gears lower and lower to 3rd then 2nd n then sometimes 1st to barely make it up things..

jus wondering

You want a four stroke. A smoker makes it's power on the pipe. You can get the head cut for more comperssion. But I think you want a thumper:ride:

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