Every pitbike I've ridden has a little play in the steering, any fix?

6 friends, all different bikes, ssr, pitster, crf, sdg, and some unknown branded one. If I sit on any of them and hold the front brake, then push forward on the handle bars, you can feel some play between the steering and the frame, all bikes have been disassembled, inspected and greased. SSR and CRF have had taper bearing upgrades. but play is still there!

any ideas?

I have one that does that. Even with the bearings properly adjusted. My OGM however has no play at all. I have worked on a couple of pitsters and the ones I saw had no play. I'm not sure what to say other than the ones that do must have poor tolerances. The lower bearing should be a press fit on the stem and the cups should be a press fit into the frame. If all that happens, there shouldn't be any play when properly adjusted.

All my bikes 50's and 110's have ZERO play ..

I run both OEM and tapered type bearings . :lol:

On the 50's ..., I know if you install the after-market tapered bearings and put the larger id bearing that is supposed to go on the bottom on the top , the play will show up .

Are you sure your not feel'n the slop in the fork bushings , or maybe bad wheel bearings ??

hmm, I guess i could try and swap the top and bottom bearings. its not forks/wheel bearing, you can actually see a little play at steering shaft area.

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