yz426? or ???

Hey guys this post is popping my TT forum cherry!! anyhow ive been looking into getting a bike and have been looking at a yz426 through a friend, hes asking 2500. my skill level in riding is low as i have never had a bike but i have been riding quite frequently lately on my friends 2006wr250. the only reason why i would like the bigger bike is because in riding the 250 i feel as i will outgrow a 250 quick as i am a big guy. im 6'4' 250lbs. i live an active lifestyle and in the few rides on the 250 ive been getting better at taming it. im looking to spend 2500 as times are tight for everyone, but i may raise that up to 3000 for a better bike! thanks for the info and this forum is great!:lol:

Looks like a pretty clean bike, the frame paint doesn't even look worn. If its as good as they say it is, I would say that $1800 is a decent price. I would talk your friend down though, $2500 is a steep price for a 426. For $3000, you could find a crf450 that would be a better bike. The steel frame yamaha 4t's always felt top-heavy to me. Also I would recomend a yz250 2 stroke. In my opinion, it would be a much better value. You could probably find a 05 for the price you want to spend. Besides, you're going to spend a lot less $$$ rebuilding the motor on a 2stroke than you would on a 4t.

Just realized why the frame looked so clean... it has a plastic frame guard. Guess I should have read better the first time. Have you ridden your friends 426? Its going to be quite a bit different than a wr250.

i havent had the chance to take it out yet but i will be taking it out in the next 2 or so weeks. from what ive read on here i know the 426 is going to be alot to handle i just dont want something im going to outgrow. i have also been looking at 2strokes, but after riding the wr250 i love the 4stroke power i have ridden only 2strokes before the 250 and i loved the wr!! and im definately sure i can get him down from 2500! oh and btw i do almost only trail riding. thanks for the advice!

If you end up buying a 426, I would recomend getting a suspension revalve. I used to have a 01 and stock, the suspension wasn't great for offroad. That one on craigslist looks like its already setup for offroad, that would be a plus for you.

thanks for the info i cant wait to get back on the trails! maybe i should get some more health insurance !!

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