WR450 swing arm bearing removal

I just got finished removing suspension linkage.While apart I got rid of the polylube,cleaned & dried and regreased with BEL-Ray grease.I started on the swing arm,but was unsure of proper way to get bearings out.The bearings looked pretty well greased but not to sure of the quality.Anybody have an opinion on whether I should leave the factory grease alone or continue what I set out to do and regrease it.If so, bearing removal tips will be very much appreciated.While on the regreasing subject and have the whole bike apart, would removing rear shock to grease shock bearings be worth it or are they sealed?

03 WR450F-picked up 2/3/03.been snowing ever since. :)

I took mine apart also. All but one of the bearings had enough grease from factory (don't remember which one, sorry, think it was the U shaped part) and I added just a little grease to them but left the factory stuff in. The bearings will just fall out if you put your finger in there and twist a little. I did not touch the shock bearings, as they looked pretty good. My shock was hard to put back into the linkage, very tight!

Thanks for the info Motrod,I will try again today.

How did my post get to page 3 soooo fast? :)

03WR450F-All stock for now.Waiting for a bunch of carbon fiber stuff to come in.

Nevermind, I get how it works now. :)

No luck getting bearings today either. :D Stuck my finger in and twisted,then pulled my finger out and no bearings,just grease on finger. :):D. It looks to me like you must first remove seals.Tried to gingerly pry up seal with a flat screwdriver but it would not budge, so I gave up and added more grease to what was already there and reassembled.I didn't want to ruin the seals when I haven't even rode HER yet. :D

The swingarm seals are large and will not pry out with a screwdrive. if you remove seals and brg's make a note of there position. the OEM manual see pages 5-53 thru 5-56. We have not made proper tools yet so we use deepwell sockets and a bench vise to remove brg's.

Sorry BEAN329,I've never removed swing arm seals or bearings B-4 & don,t understand how to do it thet way.On page 5-3 of manual,2 pics down,It shows a general bearing puller removeing wheel bearings.Can that be used on swing arm bearings?Will that pull bearing and seal out at once.Thinking of buying one today at auto parts store if I can get all of the Huskeys hooked up to the damn sled.Getting 18" of snow today :).

03 WR450F-Picked up but have not rode yet.Keeps snowing every other day :D.Getting sick of it.!

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