My new pride and joy

2009kx250f.jpgI just bought this about 3 weeks ago and can't wait to ride it. I am tired of just looking at it but with the snow and recovering from a torn ACL surgery thats all I can do right now.

looks sweet! get out and :worthy:! :lol:

My dr. and therapist said no riding till mid April but I have news for them that I am not gonna share, end of March I am gonna ride and break it in cause first race is April 5th.

Very Nice!!! Good luck with it and with your healing. I'm trying to decide on which 250f to get at the moment and this thing looks sweet!

Mine is the monster edition. You can't really see in the pic but the hubs come in a lime green color. I read in a magazine that the 2009 kx250f won the best bike of the year. Good luck on whatever you decide to get.

I just saw your from PA. Wherabouts? I'm about 25 min from S.Phila. I love the black rim w/green hubs. I've seen Hondas with the black rim and red hub but doesn't look as sexy to me. I think black on black but just my opinion, I don't want to upset anyone.

I live near State College. I race district 6 so maybe I will see ya.

Congrats on the sweet bike!! Those hubs are straight up cool!Good luck with the rehab!!

sexy, more pics please?

I just got a 2009 YZ250F. I'm getting Pro Circuit to do the suspension. Haven't broken it in yet I know how you feel.

Heal up quick see you on the track.

Here are is another pictures, copied the wrong picture


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