Old School, New Twist

Ok so I'm doing a conversion to my buddies old school 490 which is the old style forks with front and rear drum brakes. I have got my hands on a 98-2000 yz 250 top and bottom triple clamp and I am using some brand new prototype inverted forks my friend already had. Problem is I don't know for sure what they were originally for but I think they are KX forks, 06 to 08, which brings me to my question, They are all mounted up but what front rim do I try? YZ? I don't think the axle bolt is right size, KX, CR? Can any of these cross over , ex CR to KX, if so great which ones fit what, second brake caliper, how do I figure out which one is the right one without having them to try one at a time?

Well that is it, if I can just figure out what rim/brake combo will fit and work right then the conversion is done and my buddy is all smiles.

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