For the Aussies...

I am thinking about taking my DRZ for a ride to the tip of Australia in June next year. I have driven it twice and it is an awesome trip. I wanted to know if anyone has ridden it and if so, what do they recommend taking on such a challenging trip? Has anyone done it on a standard tank bike or do I need to look at installing a long range tank? How do I pack the fishing rod? :worthy: Also, if anyone is keen to join, more than welcome as there is currently 3 of us, must enjoy a cold beer though :lol: . Thanks in advance....

Thanks mate. Guess you are suggesting I must buy a new tank :lol:

Would the 17ltr be enough?

Don't think I would enjoy the ride if I had the 28lt tank sloshing around.

i have never owned a 28er but TRAILZONE did a write up on long distance DRZs and get bag racks and the 28er is great apart from when its full after that you wont notice it

As o-lad said, go the 28er you wont no the diff when you have used a few litres, gives great range and beats walking.:lol:

check yer PM's re ~ motor work , ... the 28 is too much tank for me , unless i was on a journey to the moon . i would go the 17 unless big distance is involved .


here lecky ... this is the 17 litre tank along with the full SSW package , do you want to cover large areas at a ridiculous pace ??? .. this is the motor kit for you .

Thanks for the replies guys. I will have to sit down with a map and work out how far between petrol. Last time I went to the tip we had 3 vehicles and 1 had a 44 gallon drum of fuel on it.

Was wondering what people took on these kind of trips in regards to swags, cooking gear etc and still kept light as possible. Guess I will have to do a search in the adventure/dual sport threads.


u don't need a big tank. we do it each year and a couple of bikes make it on the standard tank. as long as u can get 200kms on a tank from full to empty u are laughing. the 17 ltre is the way to go though. as fuel consumption sometimes gets worse if u gotta backtrack or go out through heathlands reserve in the sand and no premium atleast have one bike with a larger tank. its all in the preperation. u don't need a support vehicle either. think from memory 230kms was the furtherest between fuel stops. sometimes it is easy to carry an empty 4ltre container strapped to the bike and fill it when u need it to keep weight down. we gear our bikes to 15/42 or 43, and sit on 100-120 on the open stretches no problems at all.

Here are a few pics from one of our old rides to the tip unsupported. the klx and wr only had standard tanks. back then i had a ktm 525 with a 17ltr tank. the 2 standards only ran out once but only about 20kms from fuel stop as we had to go the long way because of fires. If u plan on going off the track to captain billies and verrilia point u will deffinately need xtra fuel. in the pics with the backpacks we carried everything from axe, fishing rods, tents and also a shotgun for just incase....IMG_0805.jpg[/img]

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