XR100 Carb Rebuild -- Need help with re-install

I am rebuilding a XR100 Carb off a 97 model. It was pretty badly gummed, but with some carb cleaner, some elbow grease, a push pin and a toothbrush I got it all cleaned up. Now for reinstall. I have a question. There are three rubber hoses and I forget where one of them goes. The big one is the fuel line from the tank. I think the small one on the bottom is a drain that runs down behind the motor. There is a third nipple, but I don't know where it goes. Please help!

You are right the one in the bottom is the drain hose. The one in the side is the overflow hose. Both run down the back of the engine and just tuck them in front of the swing arm. As long as they are hanging down somewhere it doesn't really matter.

Awesome! Thanks.

Okay, I cleaned this carb well. Soaked it in cleaner, cleaned with a toothbrush, air, even cleaneed the tiny pinholes in the jets with a needle. Everything is very clean and flows great. Put it on the bile and it won't run. The bike will start great with starter fluid, so I know it has spark. On fluid, if i gas the engine it briefly revs. Then it dies. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Air screw is at 2.5 turns. Thanks!

Try some fresh Gas

I would get a new low speed jet ithink it's a 38, I cleaned mine twice with marginal sucess but now I changed it to a new one and the bike idles great it was just to difficult to get totally clean. You may also have a vacuum leak wear the carb attaches to the rubber intake manifold.

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