Fork Leg Reflectors

are the reflectors on the fork legs glued on.

I think it's strong double sided tape, a heat gun and putty knife shoud remove them.

Just ride it they will come off all on their own

I turned mine like a t-wrench handle and they came right off. I then used my thumb to lightly remove the adhesive that remained. easy.

I just rocked mine back and forth and they popped right off. A little goo-gone and the sticky residue was history.

Who needs added weight?

Yep...double sided tape...found each time I ripped one off by accident.

Mine have what looks like grey plumbers putty.

Anyone want to get rid of a pair of them? I'm d/s another bike and could use them.

Oh Yeah those things are ugly as hell they fell off a long time ago. I just put some nice big Marzzochi decals on my forks. Looks like the Zupin Supermoto team bikes.

Mine fell off too, but I glued them back on. Why? I love a trip to Starbucks at night, and those darn cars who don't see bikes, always try and T Bone me.

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