09 XRL's ?

Where are they, anyone seing them at dealers?

I'm buying a 09, last year they where on the floor in early Feb.. Should not be to hard to put a different color fender on, and maybe a non-locking gas cap.

Getting a good deal if I buy before the price increace April 1st, just none coming in and the date keeps getting moved back.

Honda is adjusting the price for the weak US dollar, the other brands did it already.

The 3 Honda dealers closest to me have one each, Call around your area to find one

The price increase is supposed to be $600 isn't thats crazy

and I bet it comes with BNG (Bold New Graphics) has a white rear fender maybe?

But ya know, why change a good thing. It has been in produciton now for 16 years and every year they sell em all. ka -ching $$$$$$$ profit.

There is one at the local dealer here. They don't have a price tag on it tho.

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