Front fork axel block removal

Wanting to remove the lower axel block from the tubes. I know they are threaded on and have read many post about the KYB being a pain but the Showa tubes being much easier. With that said, do you just sep, the tubes like you were to do for seals, heat up the casting and hopfully with some sweat unscrew off? Wanting to powder coat the castings

You have to remove the 2mm allen from the axle block. It has lock tight on it so you need to heat it with a propane torch first to loosen the lock tight. Should come out easily with heat. Without heat it will round off.

I use a rubber strap wrench i got from snap on but im sure it just a knock off from someone else. heat the axle block to loosen the lock tight on the tube threads and it should unscrew. Heat it as you unscrew it also.

Inside the tube will be the spring collar it is held in by an 0-ring. Just tap it out from the inside. You will needs to replace 2 o-rings to put it back together.

If you need to remove dimples from the tube from installing the wrong bolts in the fork guard just take the tube to your local muffler shop and their pipe expander will flatten them right out. But if they over do to you screwed.

good luck. :worthy::lol:

wow thanks shovles for your help! out of all the members only one so far knows how to do this. Actually, I am going around the middle man on the TiN coating of the fork slides and going right to a local TiN coating business here up town. quoted me about $150 bucks a tube if I brought them just the tube that needed to be coated and they didnt have to take anything off. Obviously a coating place will not know anything about how to remove an axle casting off of a showa fork :worthy: Plus, while the casting is off I can powder coat it myself black :banghead: I think all the suspension companies on the net want 500-800 for TiN or DLC... Been doing alot of reading about it, and althought it might not make a difference at all, it will make a difference in the way I look at the bike! SEXIFIED!:lol:


Sucker should look good when your done.

Post the pics.

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