Suzuki Height Control

Having purchased a DR 250SH from a well known auction site, got it home and sorted it, i came accrss this system, nobody and i mean nobody seem to know what its about not even the local Suzuki dealer.

There didnt seem to be any info on tt either but wasent a member then so didnt have access

Anyway this is what i have done, let any remaining pressure out of the system and drain the fluid, take the shock, reservoir, associated pipework,and cables up to the splitter cylinder under the tank, and put them in the scrap bin, relace the rear shock with one of a DR 350 S of similar year,

I dont know what the splitter cylinder does apart from the obvious, so i lifted it above the fork and left it there for a few hours for air to migrate up and then filled it up with a good quality fork oil and sealed it off with suitable bolt.

The bike now sits at the higher of its ride height positions, and is brilliant

Hope this helps and isnt too boring or obvious


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