Alternator Output - Constant or Variable

Does the alternator output vary with load or is it constant (assuming the rev's are constant) and the reg/rect deals with the excess by dumping it as heat


At consistent revs it should be outputting consistent voltage from the stator. Mine has done that since I owner it.

constant at constant revs.


Ive noticed on my 09DRZ400sm, my neutral light flickers when I am sitting at a red light. I also noticed that when I have my turn signal on, the headlight dims each time the blicker flashes. Is this normal for these bikes???

Wotevah, yeah, thats what I was concerned with. Was wondering if my battery was ready to take a dumpus. Ive not check the voltage yet with my meter, but will tomorrow to determine if its the battery or if it may be a charge issue. Still under warranty though.

He he I deleted the post so I can answer in the other thread :thumbsup: I guess now I'll have to put it back... You may want to consider doing the free power mod as well. My headlights are a bit brighter since I've done it.

Mine only did that when the battery was almost dead. The computer kept resetting then too. Never seen the neutral light flicker because I sit in first gear at stops. The turn signals take a lot of power (at least 42W) so if stuff happens when they are on, that indicates power-related problems.

What happens if you keep the engine at higher rpm ?

Ive not tried it with the rpms up. However, I did notice after I shut the bike off, and then restarted it, the flicker was no longer there. I was thinking that possibly when I restarted the bike, I put enough drain on the battery that it began to recharge. Its possible that it only happens when the battery has been fully charged. Sort of like a voltage regulator kicking in and out quickly while at idle. The dimness of the light while the turn signal is flashing is something else. Im thinking it very well could be time for a battery.

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