Forks just re-sprung

G'day, i just had my forks re-sprung and serviced by a so called guru.

Now, i went to install the forks today and something inside seems to be rattling, sorta sounds like the spring is very loose, moving around in there... is this normal ?

No it isn't. They didn't rattle before did they? Did you put super light or shorter springs in for some reason? If the answer is no, don't ride with them. There is more than one thread you can search here with horrifying pictures of what happens to forks when they are reassembled wrong.

I just bought a 03 crf450 and I was smart enough to take the entire bike apart to check everythimg. The front forks the rebound dampener was not connected, the forks just fell apart when I lifted them. Ratteling does not sound good. Thats why I learned to do my own suspension,In fact I do all my own repairs engine and all. Bring it back and have them check it.

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