First oil change WR250f 2008

Probably a question that has been answered a number of times on TT, but thanks in advance for your help. I got a new wr have had it out for a couple short rides and am hoping to tackle the first oil change, I live in Colorado and was wondering what weight of oil to use for general trail riding and whether to use synthetic or dino oil. any GOOD advice is much appreciated.

Next time use the search button but i well help you out. I would recomend syn oil always. Just make sure if you do run it that you stick with it for the life of your bike or you well have major issues when syn and conv oil mix. As for a weight you need to see your temp. I run a 20w 50 syn i like the oil alot. I run that oil down to about 40 degrees any colder and i would go with a 10w 30 or 10w 50.

If you run syn your bike well shift smother and it usually helps with clutch issues just make sure you get a wet clutch complatable oil. Personally i have had good luck with the castrol oil.

Good luck.

Change the oil filter

Change both oil in crankcase and oil tank

Use yamalube. It should state what is best for what tempatures on the oil.

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