acid on cylinder question

im thinking about getting an 01 yz125 and the guy who owns it blew it up and when it blew a piece of the rings stuck to the cylinder. rather than having it resleeved, he put it in muriatic acid and let the whole cylinder sit in there for a while then popped the piece of metal off. my question is does this acid affect the nycacil coating on the cylinder or anything else. i dont want to get this bike then find out that there are cylinder problems.

Kawasaki had a tech tip in their dealer info years ago about using muriatic acid instead of replacing so many seized cylinders.

A dab or two from say a Q-tip on the affected area is what works best. The Nikasil should be fine, it's the rest of the cylinder I would be worried about. Muriatic acid likes to eat aluminum. That's why it is suggested for removing piston smears from the cylinder walls. I have heard if you leave a cylinder in it over night it might not all be there in the morning.

so its problaby alright if he just got the inside of the cylinder. ill ask more questions when i see him again.

we've rebuilt blown kdx's using muratic to clean the cylinder sleeve. worked pretty good maybe 80 hours on one of them so far and it runs great.

I'd very very concerned if all the powervalve stuff was left in the cylinder...Hopefully, they did NOT really dump the whole thing in acid !

yea you should be careful with the acid, it can be nasty stuff.

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