1975 Can-am 250 tnt parts

Does anyone know of a good source for parts? Simple things...air filter, exhaust gasket. Thanks.

I didn't see anything for your '75 but these guys might be a good place to start. They had parts for a lot of mid '80s Can-Am's


Yeah, they're in canada eh, I don't think they take credit cards. There was a guy in Texas that I got in touch with a few years ago that had a ton of NOS parts but I lost his email address. I can't find the website where I found him in the first place.

I'll look some more and probably end up sending the canadians a money order.

Thanks for the reply.

I found the guy in texas! yeeha (as they say). I don't know why the search engines don't hit on him better...http://www.classiccanam.com/

The place in canada doesn't reply, their computer is probably froze up. (get it)

Is that too obvious or what. Thanks for your time and help. I hope someone else benefits from this.

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