1978 mini-trail

Heya all you Kawi experts

My father's side of the family co-owned a cabin up north when I was pretty young (8-12 years old) and we had a bunch of toys up there.

Two of them were kawasaki 75cc or 80cc (I think...can't remember) two-stroke mini-trails with an orange gas tank (metal), banana handlebars. Semi-auto 3 speed. :banghead:

I am very fond of those memories but I was a bit young and cannot for the life of me remember the model name, or find any pictures, specs or info on that bike. Anyone have any ideas of what it was? I'm sure Kawi didn't make tons of mini-trail models in the late 70's - early 80's so someone must know what they were...Any info would be appreciated!

p.s: the idiots sold them both for 100$ to some random dude when they needed a little work a few years later (10-12 years ago). I'm still eating my shorts over this one...:lol::worthy:

edit: found it!!! :lol:

It was a KV75. ahhhh the memories :worthy:


I bet that those 2 smokes screamed as opposed to the 4 stroke honda trail 70's.

They weren't that noisy from what I remember. They did smoke a bit. But really fun.

Mini's are cool :lol:

and the long craigslist, ebay search begins... :lol:

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