DirtRider TC250

The problem with the hard kick is not on the production bike.

Looks like the 125 with a tiny 4 stroke motor in it.

I find Jesse Ziegler to be a little abrasive sometimes. He comes across as complimentary and then says "it's awesome but it's not as awesome as some"

Idk... Dr's editors just bug me.

214 lbs is pretty damn good. If he thinks it isn't powerful enough, he should try it with a power-up kit and a little tuning :worthy:

I feel so many bikes get a bad rap on power because they aren't uncorked or set up correctly.

"If you haven't noticed already, the Husky has the exhaust pipe on the wrong side. This little guard is nice in theory but you'd be surprised how fast you will burn your pants putting this bike on the stand."

Isn't there a thread on TT about that? :lol:

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