Tacoma Bed Buddy

If you have a Taco and a bed buddy please share how you installed it and how you like it. I bought one and haven't decided if I should take off the rail system in the front or leave it. Also not sure it I should put a steel plate or something similar on the back of the bed to attach it to. Seems like the bed itself is flimsy. Thanks guys

I have a 07 Tacoma double cab long bed with the bed buddy.. No problems at all with it.. I left he front rail in place but found that the bed buddy fit better if you turn it upside down so the center loop is facing down instead of up.. Work good for me.

Although the bed feels weak, once the bed buddy is installed it provides extra support to the bed.


You got any pics? I want to put one in my 03 but I think I would have to cur the bedliner or get it rhino lined before I do it.

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