will older oem head pipes fit the aluminum frame bikes

will the old steel frame head pipes fit on a 06 yz250f bike i'm pretty sure they will but just want to make sure. thanks

The exit diameter of the older header pipes is smaller than the 06+ alum framers. I fairly sure if you get one of the FMF aluminum adapters from steel framer's Q2, Powercore4, etc, then you could adapt the old head pipe to fit your alum frame. I have those pipes and parts laying around and I could dig them out to verify, but I will only do so IF you are serious about needing the information.

if you wouldn't mine that would be cool. i want to put every think back to stock but my stock head pipe is all mangled and there have been tons of brand new oem 05 head pipes on ebay going for like $10, $15 the past few days

The 06 header's bend is different as well as its diameter at the joint (it's bigger). Older headers won't mate with your stock 06 silencer, you will need an adapter or get the gasket for the older silencers - that may work to seal the joint.

The bend shouldn't be a problem for an 06. O7, maybe.

Here's what I find without physically checking:


This should combination should fit:

-->> 05 OEM header + FMF aluminum adapter + 06 or newer OEM muffler. See if anyone on this site has that FMF adapter laying around. If they bought an FMF pipe with an FMF muffler, they wouldn't need the adapter.

Reasoning.... The 01-06 YZ250F shares the same FMF header. YZ250F 07 and newer is different. The 03-05 OEM header requires an aluminum adapter to fit the FMF mufflers, whereas an 06 YZ250F OEM muffler fits directly to the FMF header. (My son's 06 has this combination right now.)

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