2006 yz450f clutch fit on 2008 yz450f

Just wondering if a clutch from a 2006yz450f will fit on a 08 yz450f, i have a hinson clutch basket for a 06 and would like to put it on the 08.

Well from the looks of the yamaha website the actual clutch kit for the 07-09 will not fit an 06 but the clutch basket will fit back as far as 04...so as long as it is just the basket you are switching out it should go fine?

The difference in the '06 clutch and the '07 and later is in the following parts:

  • Steel plates
  • Pressure plate
  • springs
  • Clutch release arm

And of course, one extra pair of plates. All of that for an '06 will fit directly into any '07 and up with all the remaining parts being the same. If you want to use the '06 basket, you have two choices:

  • Remove the basket from the '06 driven gear assembly and bolt it to the '08, or
  • Replace the '08 primary drive gear on the crank with one for an '06

The '06 gear set will be a little noisier, and the clutch pull with the extra plates and different arm will be very slightly higher. The clutch will also have more capacity.

Or, you can simply swap the basket as explained above, and use the rest of the '08 clutch as is.

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